Matt Friend Truck Equipment Inc.

Omaha Standard Service Bodies

The all galvannealed steel Omaha Service Body reflects  more than 80 years of exceptional truck body building.  This know-how combined with superior materials, advanced design and manufacturing processes, and an epoxy electrocoat primer result in the best service body on the road today. And that’s why we offer the longest limited warranty in the business---six years on door hinges, door latches, trays, and rust through and three years on all other body components.
No matter what type of job you need to tackle, we have a service body to fit your needs. Omaha Service Bodies have standard features that make them rugged, long lasting and efficient. And with the many options available, you can custom tailor a body to your specific needs.


  • Entire body exterior made from 14-gauge A-40 two sided galvannealed zinc coated steel.
  • Complete automotive type undercoating of body  underside for total rust protection.
  • Distinctive die-formed automotive style fender provides tire clearance for all truck applications.
  • Heavy duty treadplate steel flooring with drain openings at base of bulkhead. 3/16” floor optional.
  • Pickup style slam tailgate
  • 7 Gauge steel channel front and rear cross members.
  • 7 Gauge intermediate cross members, which rest on truck frame for added strength.
  • 4-14 Gauge horizontal floor stiffeners interlaced with cross members giving added strength in critical areas at rear of body and in wheel well area.


Omaha service bodies are totally immersed in the latest generation PPG electrocoat epoxy paint for complete coverage and the ultimate in rust resistance.

The products are cleaned and pretreated with a phosphate conversion coating to prepare for electrocoating. Once pretreated, they are dipped into a paint bath where direct current is applied between the products and a counter electrode. The paint is attracted by the electric field to the product and is deposited onto the product. The product is then removed from the bath and rinsed to reclaim undeposited paint solids. Finally it is transferred to the bake oven and completely cured at a temperature of 375°F.

While some of our competitors e-coat their bodies with the doors already installed, we e-coat the doors before they are attached to the body. This means we get complete paint coverage while our competitors do not— i.e., they have no paint on the back of their door hinges or on the bodies where the hinges are attached which leaves unpainted areas susceptible to rust. We also install our door latches after painting the body to achieve complete paint coverage and to minimize the possibility of rust between the latches and the body.


Standard Compartment Features Include:

  • Two divider trays in each front vertical compartment.
  • One divider tray for the center horizontal compartment in the “V” configuration body.
  • 20 galvanized steel tray dividers.
  • All trays are galvanized steel.
  • One galvanized steel shelf in each rear vertical compartment.
  • Compartment interiors are painted light gray for increased illumination. (white paint optional.)

Our divider trays and shelves are constructed from heavier 16 ga. bight spangled galvanized steel vs. competitor's 18 ga. shelves!


The inner and outer panels of our double panel compartment doors (and the internal stiffeners) are bonded together with structural automotive epoxy adhesive resulting in the strongest, most rigid compartment doors of any service body on the market. Doors of other brands are spot or skip welded together and are considerably weaker and less rigid. Welding also burns off the protective zinc coating of the galvannealed steel leaving areas susceptible to rusting.

Omaha doors are bolted to the body providing a more affordable and easier replacement to our competitor’s weld on doors.

Door Features Include:

  • Double panel doors with interior steel “C” channel stiffeners bonded to panels with structured adhesive to eliminate welds.
  • Double panel door perimeter is fully bonded with a high strength epoxy to eliminate weld marks.
  • Full length all stainless steel hinge with concealed hinge leaves and 1/4” stainless steel pin.
  • Door hinges are bolted to door frame for security and ease of replacement.
  • All stainless steel automotive rotary paddle latch is standard. Blind bolted to inside of door for ease of replacement.
  • Optional stylized black nylon automotive rotary paddle latch to complement truck door handles.
  • Adjustable stainless steel door latch striker pin.
  • Door channel design diverts water away from door opening to help keep compartments dry.
  • Full perimeter structural adhesive bonded automotive neoprene bulb door seals with no break at latch for full weatherproof integrity.
  • Spring-loaded over-center door retainers on all full-size vertical doors.